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Latest conditions:

  • Windows: ctrl + F5
  • Mac / Apple: Apple + R
  • or command + R
  • Linux: F5

Hamfest 2018 Banner
W6EK club Repeaters
145.430 -0.6 MHz PL 162.2
W6EK-R E: 4128 I: 3128
223.860 -1.6 MHz PL 110.9 440.575 +5.0 MHz PL 162.2
W6EK-R E: 4128 I: 3128

Club Meeting Programs for 2018
Month Club Event Main Topic Tech 4 Ten Topic
March HamFest 2018 Plans
By Orion, AI6JB
Simple Digital Mode Interface
Presented by Mark, W8BIT
April Western States Trail Event Communications Support
Ralph Lucas W6RWL,
Joe Steinmetz K6SAT, and
Randy Hackbarth KD6MWI
2018 Field Day Plans
May Placer County Search and Rescue Comm Team and Vehicle
June Field Day
July Field Day Results
August Smith Charts Part 1
Presented by Bob, WE6C
September Smith Charts Part 2
Presented by Bob, WE6C
October White
November Elections
December Christmas Party

W6EK 2 Meter Repeater Is Now Connected To Echolink(W6EK-R / 4128) and IRLP(3128)

  • During the startup phase all out going connections can only be made by control operators.
  • All club members have access to Echolink for incoming connections. Max. 10 at any time.
  • All IRLP nodes have access to W6EK (node 3128) for incoming connections.




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