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Repeater Frequencies

145.430 MHz
-0.6 Offset
PL Tone 162.2

223.860 MHz
-1.6 Offset
PL Tone 110.9

440.575 MHz
+5.0 Offset
PL Tone 162.2

FCC Exams

First Saturday of the month at 8 am located inside of Raley's at the corner of Douglas/Auburn-Folsom in Granite Bay

Club Meetings

Second Friday of the month at 7:30 pm located at Auburn City Hall in the Rose Room

Club Nets

Club Net
Thursdays at 7:30 pm

Mentoring Net
1st & 3rd Wednesdays at 7:30 pm

Sundays at 7:30 pm

Club Breakfast

Last Saturday of the month at 7:30 am located at Mel's Dinner in Auburn

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Ham Radio Podcasts

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Other Ham Related news

12th Annual WPARC Hamfest. Click below to view the flyer

12th Annual Wertern Placer Amature Radio Club Hamfest


Interested in becoming a ham operator?

Check out 22 Things you can do with amateur radio

Please check out our FCC Exam page for more information on the FCC exam dates, time, location and technician class study material. Also feel free to drop by our monthly club meetings.

Hope to hear you on the air waves.


What the heck does “73” mean? 73 is morse code short hand for “Best Regards” used by Ham radio operators. It’s origin goes all the way back to the landline telegraph days

What have we been up to lately

ARES July Face to Face training
ARES face to face training for July.

Zero noise expedition camp site
Zero noise expedition

July Club Breatfast at Mel's Diner in Auburn
July Club Breakfast

If you have any photos you want to share with our members please email them to the webmaster.

Club Presentations/Events

Month Club Event Main Topic Tech 4 Ten Topic
September Club Picnic
September 22nd
Applegate Park
10 AM to 2 PM
Presented by
Joe Spier, K6WA0
AMSAT N. American Pres.
Smith Charts Part 2
Presented by
Bob, WE6C
October Jamboree On the Air
10/19 ~ 10/21
Orion AI6JB
White Elephant Auction -
November Club Elections APRS
presented by
Greg, KO6TH
December Christmas Dinner - -

Club Volunteer Events

Date Event Contact
10/7 Cystic Fibrosis Ride Mike P, KK6GLP

Club Radiosport

Date Event Contact
8/18 ~ 8/19 10 GHz & up - Round 1 Dennis, WU6X
8/19 Rookie Roundup (RTTY) Dennis, WU6X
9/8 ~ 9/10 Sept. VHF Contest Dennis, WU6X
9/15 ~ 9/16 Sept. VHF Contest Dennis, WU6X
9/29 ~ 9/30 EME - 2.3 GHz & Up - Wknd 1 Dennis, WU6X
10/6 ~ 10/7 California QSO Party Dennis, WU6X
10/15 ~ 10/19 School Club Roundup Dennis, WU6X
10/27 ~ 10/28 EME - 50 to 1296 MHz - Wknd 2 Dennis, WU6X
11/3 ~ 11/5 CW Sweepstakes Dennis, WU6X
11/17 ~ 11/19 SSB Sweepstakes Dennis, WU6X
11/24 ~ 11/25 EME - 50 to 1296 MHz - Wknd 3 Dennis, WU6X
11/30 ~ 11/2 160 Meter Contest Dennis, WU6X
12/8 ~ 12/9 10 Meter Contest Dennis, WU6X
12/16 Rookie Roundup (CW) Dennis, WU6X
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