Christmas 2011

DSC 7677  Hello there Allen DSC 7691  Ok, is that how you comb your hair in Alaska? DSC 7696  Jettie enjoys counting the loot CP10 0610 CP10 0605 CP10 0621
CP10 0599 CP10 0602 CP10 0612 CP10 0622 CP10 0597 CP10 0614
CP10 0632 CP10 0608 CP10 0600 CP10 0629 CP10 0607 CP10 0625
CP10 0627 CP10 1 CP10 P1 CP10 P2 CP10 P3 CP10-P4
CP10 P5 CP10 P6 CP10 P7 DSC 7659  What are you doing? DSC 7668  Grandma Debbie having fun DSC 7672  Hey the world is in the air
DSC 7661  Hey Tickets! CP10 P8 CP10 P9 DSC 7654  So I did win the cash DSC 7652  Catching up on the year DSC 7675  is that Bob hiding behind Donna?
DSC 7660  Time for the food DSC 7664  More of the food DSC 7674  Ladie's gift table DSC 7666  Table Centerpiece DSC 7662  Great food for all DSC 7663  The Boss checks the table
DSC 7673  Lovely Family Portrait DSC 7676  CHuck, Dave and Ladies DSC 7681  More conversations DSC 7694  Hey get away from my cash ;) DSC 7685  Tried to get everyone at every table DSC 7700  Our Super Kitchen Crew who always give their time and love to our Dinner
DSC 7697  Hey I'm going to Thunder Valley DSC 7692  The fun table DSC 7680  The guys compare notes DSC 7690  Pretty ceramic for the tree DSC 7682  John and his dog DSC 7683  And so the Bear started calling CQ
DSC 7686  Let's get this drawing going DSC 7702  Welcome back George!  You were our gift this season. DSC 7693  Another winner DSC 7704  So Jim this is what they did to me DSC 7684  Guarding the tickets DSC 7689  One of the first Winners