Field Day 2013

Come on in Nice Shirt! WE6C puts up a guy wire Tribander ready to go first step Guy wires away
site set-up tribander ready to raise main ops tent going up The tower is up! Hangin at the GOTA ok now lets make it 90
6 Meterbeam - 2 Meter halo The VHF/UHF station New Op challenge Caroline at the mike Hi Caroline! FDK4
starting to set up Tribander looking East Solar cooking stew CQ Field Day I know there is another dog here someplace! What was that cllagin?
Got my keys here someplace Mike, N6BRP  & XYL N6UWQ discussing DX Mike's XYL Hello there, hows 6 meters? Waiting for a satellite
I'm here! Donna, W6CQX RThe Corvette Queen! Carl 's taking again 2 meter SSB it's Bob 2 Les, why the pencil?
9100 station Just before dinner HF Our new cook WB6EDR enjoying something Mark, W8BIT at the mike Do I see smoke back there?
Richard setting up the Dinner tables 20M Ops Bob 2 & Richard 1 The Happy GOTA table QRZ Field Day W6EK Ham Plate Series
Ham Plate Series... Dr. NO Ham Plate Series Ham Plate Series Ham Plate Series Awww Chuck, KG6FFK & XYL  Belynda
WB6EDR, Dick on a CW break N6FWD watches Bob, WB6VYH and Caroline, KK6EGL By Donna, soory to see you go Son, Dad & helper Les & Carl at the Satellite rig Our visitors from WA
GOTA action Waiting for Field Day Caroline & friends at GOTA The Pres K6UDA hunts DX Mark, W8BIT at GOTA GOTA Station at entry
Big tribander K6UDA assembles the ops group-213 Treasurer must stand at attention Bird FInger!  Richard, WA6RWS hold the Bird while  Bruce, K6BAA gets a shock. Mike N6BRP watches and laughs Meeting #2
Matt, KC6RUO and Shane Hey some DX already! Dennis, WU6X at the logging laptop VE Team gets ready Gordy, WB6OVH a VE Team Guy Sign is between a rock and a hard place  What is Ham Radio?
VE Team adds another VE Session has started Testing, Quiet Please! Testing in progress Tests continue Prepper  Demo tent
Caroline GOTA DSC 9021 What is Ham Radio? poster  Bob, WB6VYH and Dennis, WU6X GOTA still going What no photo? Great food anytime!
Samples for everyone photo6prep2 DSC 9073 Jose getting some laptop time in Dick, WB6EDR check for rain Right here Dad, woof
Dinnertime for all Ops MMM food! Time to eat The Feed line hi Nice night for dining out IMG mainnops2 124219
2 meter sideband See it put in my callsign Hmm when's the next "bird"? VHF UHF central Got the tree top, great! Wake up a little suzie er Caroline
THis guy is only sending at 30 wpm! All set and ready to go Looks like 6 and 2 to me OK, look everywhere the site DSC 9035
the Lone Operator rides again Doesn't look like a curtain to me hi this is really a giant wireless server DSC 9030 Rotate the tower! Tribander is ready for DX
Amaryllis, KJ6TFT is everywhere  OK ISS where are you guys? 20m CW central Our visitors from WA state  Lindsay, KF7EDJ; Stacy, KF7EDK; Mike, KF7EDI and Kelly, KF7EDH - Thanks for stopping by! Girls Rule!  All of our YLs (except for Amaryllis) Who says our Youth doesn't like Ham Radio? K6UDA's new 9100 Late Night with Bob, WE6C  Bob, WU6X logs for Amaryllis, KJ6TFT as she goes for the DX.. kept it up until 3am+! Good going!
Main Ops table  Is there another Dog around here? 15 meter ops Matt and Gary  If we let him take the shot, maybe he will go away :) Gary, N6UWQ working the coax  No, I can't be the 4:1 balun! Satellite station  3 ele on 145 and 6 on 430 ...using a K7AGE modified tripod ;) KJ6TFT talks Sats  CQ ISS, K1 ISS this is W6EK over
OK, check hot it all! Yes, I can find North on this  A rocket scientist calculating true north FD Chief, Dave, NO6NO  Dave likes his loggin partner CQ FD  .__ _.... . _._ Early morning, Sunday  The camp stirrs (coffee) ready to get back at it folderimage