1st Metting in the Rose Room Psudo panorama Rose Room NI2U's Receiver project Gear on display Jettie, W6RFF's 93rd cake & Donna, W6CQX Old Library meeting place
Chuck, AE6LR receives homor from AL, NI2U Al, NI2U; Jettie, W6RFF,;Ron, W6KJ presents new ARRL books Al, NI2U presents Don, with cake Al, NI2U presents certificate to Debbie, KF6LXN Digging into the tocket jar Ralph, W6RWL talks to the gang about WS100
What are they trying to say? Chuck, AE6LR talks EMCOMM Greg, KO6TH giving a talk Dave, NO6NO Field Day Logging system SOnja from Calstar
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