WELCOME! This page is for anyone interested in learning about Amateur Radio, becoming a Ham, new Hams, or anyone generally interested in radio communications and the Amateur Radio hobby. We encourage you to send us questions and ask for help. We all started somewhere. So, don’t be shy.

Podcasts: On the air! podcast is a monthly companion to On the Air magazine, ARRL’s magazine for beginner-to-intermediate ham radio operators.

SOCIAL INTERACTION: Of course, a Club meeting is a great place to interact with us, meet friends or make new ones, to learn about other activities, and to ask questions 1-on-1.

LEARN MORSE CODE: CW is not a lost art ... CLICK HERE to access Chuck Adams-K7QO’s popular code course page. The course provides guided study in MP3 format, and a “zip” file download with instructions and answer keys as well as several interesting papers. (76.5 MB).

BOOKS AND EBOOKS: ARRL.org has books to help you get started in amateur radio or help you upgrade your license. Click HERE for practice questions and books that can prepare you for the Technician Class FCC exam. For no-nonsense study guides check out KB6NU's Ham Radio Blog.



If it has been some time since you’ve looked at the Amateur Radio hobby, you will be surprised to find new and exciting things to try. Hams are technology leaders and tend to "push the envelope" in radio communications.

So, please join us at a Club meeting or on one of the radio Nets to learn more about an exciting new world in Amateur Radio. Learn why we are known as the “friendly Club” in the foothills.


We offer assistance to families of deceased Amateur Operators (known as SKs or Silent Keys) in helping with equipment removal and sales. Email us at: info@w6ek.org