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SFARC was founded in 1958... Click here for a list of the Current and Past Presidents from 1958 to date.

SFARC celebrated our 60th anniversary in 2018. Click here to view the program handout.


It is our Honor to remember SFARC past members who are now Silent Keys

Mary Anne Balthrope, KE6EST
John Ahlstrom, KQ6CK
Dave Albright, NO6NO
Bob Boeckman, WA6ULL
Jim Carman, K6ARR
Rob Carpenter, WW6G
D. Michael "Puma" Clements, K6BJS
Holly Dolkas, KE6ETT
Bob Greenslade, W3PMP
Roger Hedgpeth, N7TK
Jettie Hill, W6RFF
Dave Hund, N6SHD
Dick Lund, WA6HYO
Bob Metke, W6SUP
Jerrie Metke, K6GKR
Dave Peden KA6KUT
Dave Pellonini, AC6RD
Mary Ann Simmons, KI6TE
Joe Sylvia, KF6OQY
Marilyn Taylor, WB6KFL
John Tiernan, KA6LNC
Martha Vance, KA6WUW
John Webb, W7GE
Ken Weger, WA6EMU
Daniel Fogard, W6PRL
Paul Alford, KB6NYB

If you have someone to add to this list, please email the webmaster.


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